Monday, 19 June 2017

Warner Textile Archives

Last Friday a group of us visited this lovely rather unknown ex-mill in Braintree. I have wanted to see this place for many years but never managed a day when there is a guided tour available. More of a talk than a tour, but after a good talk from one of the curators we are allowed to look round the exhibition. The talk takes you through the Middle Ages to the present day, from a rich wool town through the fabulous silk era, to the demise of the mill in the late twentieth century from Chinese competition. The talk is all the more interesting if you have read Liz Trenow's book The Silk Weavers. Her silk family connections still exist.
The exhibition includes beautiful samples of old and new silk items. Drawers full of more, and apparently thousands of samples in the archive. They change the exhibition every so often. Sadly no photos as these are not allowed in the place. They have been hurt before by plagiarism. The shop had some lovely
 things in it, and not expensive either. Some designs have been made into greetings cards, on hand made paper, a snip at ten for five pounds!

Friday, 17 March 2017

Spot on Radio Verulam

Well, what a lovely lunch time, being interviewed by Diana of Radio Verulam about our Mimram Quilters exhibition going on this weekend at Welwyn Civic Centre (AL6 9ER). We had such a giggle and she said she hadn't realised how exciting quilting could be!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Poem quilts

have just come back from Duxford Where the first six poem quilts are being shown. They look lovely and am very pleased. One is not hung brilliantly and will try to get this sorted before Sandown. Brilliant!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Welsh Quilt Museum

My pink whole cloth wall hanging is now in Lampeter in Jen Jones museum. I think the exhibition is going on until November. So I hope to visit the museum to see all of the quilts some time this summer. It will make a nice holiday.
This picture shows the quilt nearly finished some weeks ago. I have called it Gellyg y Mel Cymreig meaning Welsh pears and honey. The Welsh pears is a design very similar to paisley, but the pears have rounded edges. The honey is for the beehive patterns around the border.
I'm off to Duxford at the beginning of March to see the six poem quilts hanging up finally. There will be nine in Sandown in June. Do come and see!

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Yesterday 6 of my students' poem quilts went off for the Spring Shows - there will be 3 more for Sandown as well. I shall go to Duxford in March to see them hanging. Here are a couple to whet your appetites!
 Andy's 'When I Grow Old'
Anne's Grantchester

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Maria's quilts this saturday

Anybody living near north Herts is very welcome to come to the QG's Region 7's Area Day, where author Liz Trenow will be speaking in the afternoon about her book The Forgotten Seamstress. The fun day starts at 10am and is being held in Cottered Village Hall, which is situated on the Baldock-Buntingford road. Nice pub there too!

Sunday, 23 October 2016

USA trip

Back from a great trip to western USA, where we visited Yellowstone, Teton mountains, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Carmel. And at least six quilting shops, all really lovely, selling different fabrics to each other. I'm afraid I bought rather a lot of fabric which I don't need but will make two or three more quilts.
I have also been to Belsey Bridge in Suffolk for four days quilting, no time for jet lag. I have finally finished the log cabin part of  a new quilt for our six foot bed. Two borders on and it now awaits the final applique border. This was all in the fabrics that I bought in the USA two years ago!
Last Saturday I taught some ladies how to make a really nice Xmas tree. I found the original basic tree on the internet, but I have gone further with it, surface decorating it to madness!